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Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements, Roses For Valentine's Day Delivery

Meaning and Symbolism of Roses

This Valentine’s Day why don’t you personalize your bouquets? Wondering how can you do that? Well, customize your flowers! Choose flowers that your beloved cherishes, pick them according to the preferred color and choice. You could also select the flowers according to the message you want to convey. To do this, you need to the meaning and symbolism of roses and this blog elaborated on the same.

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Red Roses: An amulet of long-lasting love, red roses have ruled our hearts forever. Apt in conveying longing, passion and desire these flowers are often associated with special romantic feelings. If you are planning to propose your beloved on Valentine’s Day, then say it with 12 red roses, as they together convey "Be mine always and forever."

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White Roses: Often associated with new beginnings these flowers are a common companion of the bride walking down the aisle. Known to convey sympathy or humility, White Roses indicate spirituality too.

Yellow Roses: Bright, beautiful and attractive Yellow roses express joy, warmth and welcome like no other flower. Symbols of friendship and caring these indicate purely platonic emotions. This Valentine's Day surprise your bestie with a bouquet of Yellow Roses.

Pink Roses: Convey gentle emotions like admiration, joy, and gratitude with elegant and graceful Pink Roses. Light pink rose is a talisman of sweetness and innocence, while deep pink blooms convey gratitude and appreciation.

Orange Roses: Orange roses come with a fiery blaze. Signifying passion and energy, they whisper intense desire, fascination, pride, and enthusiasm. These are real rivals of Red Roses when it comes to express passion.

Lavender Roses: For all those who have fallen in love at first sight, Lavender roses can be used to convey the same.

Blue Roses: These are as unique as the black roses. These Valentines present them to say "I cannot have you, but I cannot stop thinking about you."

Green roses: Harmony, opulence, fertility are an expression of the shade green. Green roses can be used to convey wishes for the recovery of good health.

Black Roses: To tell your X that the relationship is dead, send Black Roses.

Mixed Roses: If you are confused about how you feel for the other person, go for valentine's day flower arrangements with a bouquet of mixed roses and convey "I don't know what my feelings are yet but I sure do like you enough to send you roses."

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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